Everybody needs Leggings in their lives

My confession is that I am a leggings addict……

Difference b/w leggings & tights 
Leggings are footless / Tights feet covering
about 99.99% you will find me in leggings with any clothing well I really mean anything… and it’s my new year resolution to cut down on too much tighting about…since my lower body mass has gone bigger in every direction Thanks to the stretchable leggings… (Yes I only want to Blame the leggings not my beloved junk food)…
Having said that it’s quite funny that for consective 5 years I have worn Primark Black Cotton tights and until now my love for them haven’t fadded. They are bloody comfy !! and can be worn all year round.
From past 1 year I wanted to venture out and get some cheerful legs. (So here are the pictures of my discovery channel….excuse me for such a long feature
I discovered sthg new from The Sting
Must check out their sthg new sthg different pieces. viscose & cotton blend very comfy…
Now TEZENIS how cool is this mini bag.
Never stepped in to Tezenis before… but there shouting Sale signs & colourful leggings print dragged me in…. Hallelujah
I’m looking forward to flaunt them with white or pink top.. happy days
These kinda American flag/jeans looking texture
but oh so soft fabric has become my best gym mate for those kill yourself spinning sessions.
Plus I don’t have to feel embarrassed switching them in place of just-die-in-them cycling leggings.
What can I say about Primark everybody knows them, wears them and loves them.

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