Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

For Valentine’s Day I didn’t wanted to create some heavy duty makeup look where you pack your face with loads of makeup and your loved ones cannot see you through that. I do enjoy Arabic eyeliners and my lovely glitters but if I’m celebrating my love I shouldn’t be looking so dominant and fierce.
So for this look I opted for subtle defined crease and lilac cream base on mobile lid paired it with nude lips and voilà ….Ready for my Valentine’s Dinner Date
 Products used on the Eyes:
Cargo e/s Toledo : applied on the crease to give a little contoured effect.
Cargo e/s Yucatan : gently applied on the crease but mainly concentrated on the outer-V of the eye area. It gave me very subtle crease without any harsh lines of black.
Cargo e/s Tuscan : cream shade applied underneath my eyebrows.
New CID cosmetics cream e/s Spotlight :applied on the mobile lid area. It has a hint of very fine shimmer with stuble greyish + whitish undertones….I say more you pack the product more lilac shade will appear and it has a very good lasting power so thumbs up all the way.
Products used on the Lips:
Estee Lauder lipstick in Rose Tea
Topped it up with Gosh transparent lip-gloss
Products used on the Face:
Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation
Products used on the Cheeks:
Sue Devitt blush in pink.
I hope you like this look. I wish you all the happiness and be Good be Safe.


                               You can also watch this makeup tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

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