10 Steps to Have Perfect Makeup for Mature Skin

STEP 1 : Moisturize your skin

Darling you must own a good moisturiser. Please Please I beg you stop using those skin brigtening creams which suck your skin dry so bad that you start getting intense wrinkles and you don’t know who to blame (husband or kids… oh yeah we all know that)

I would specially mention Southern Asian women’s cult beauty/skin care favourite … Fair & Lovely. I know for sure it dries out the skin.

(since I have seen my aunt using it from young age until 48. After so many attempts I have still failed to convince her but the damage has been done my friend…but I guess it’s never too late to prevent new wrinkles on the horizon.) 

Anyway use a good moisturiser. I would suggest something with good moisture retaining properties that locks in the moisture and work it’s magic. I love using Natio Daily moisturiser with SPF15 in the morning and Natio Intense Moisturiser at night it contains all natural ingredients & it really plumps up the skin.

STEP 2 : Prime your face

We must not neglect this step because a layer of primer will make your foundation look smooth and last for hours. I must say it will take you through heat, sweat and of course cold weather. There are so many liquid primers on the shelves but I say use Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer it has thick texture when properly applied to the bumps and lines it smooth out the harshness.

  • if you have dry skin moisturise your face and only apply to problematic areas.
  • oily skin – apply all over your face and it will matify the oiliness.

STEP 3: Foundation

Liquid foundation is good for mature skin keep it natural and keep it less but if you have indented problematic skin apply cream foundation on such area, buff it in the skin with damp beauty blender and then apply thin layer of liquid foundation…. trust me it looks great.

STEP 4: Concealer

I haven’t seen mature skin with spots… (I know touch wood….right!) but under eyes dark circles no problem my love.

  • use salmon shade concealer to brighten up under eyes. It’s such a pain that only high end brands hold salmon shade concealers.

(tip: mix a little bit of corally shade lipstick in drug store concealer or foundation and gently pat it on the dark circles . It’s a very affordable option and it works just fine.. I’m telling you)

STEP 5: Face Powders

Don’t even go near them. If you are really desperate gently dust it on the T-Zone forehead, nose and chin.

STEP 6: Eye brows

Perfectly groomed eyebrows are always in fashion. Fill in the sparse area with slightly lighter shade eyeshade powder than your actual brow hair colour.

Don’t make them look 2 dark bridges …… keep them subtle and full.

STEP 7: Eyeliner

Skip the intense liquid or gel eyeliners altogether use eyeliner pencils and slightly blend them to give it soft look. I’m sure you can do that. Don’t draw any flicks and cat-eyeliners they will exaggerate the fine/smile lines on the corner of your eyes.

STEP 8: Mascara

Curl your eyelashes and apply water proof mascara on the upper eyelashes to hold the curl and abstain from smudging. Mascara on the lower eyelashes enhances the dark circles and fine lines so let’s just focus on the upper eyelashes and skip the bottom lashes.

(Scared!!… just skip the bottom lashes, take a picture and thank me later).

STEP 9: Blush

Use cream blushers in deep rose tea pinks. Revlon has good selection and so as Inglot. Cream Blush will return all the youth and plumpness into your face.

STEP 10: Lipstick

For younger looking days I say stash the deep rose pink and keep your lips neutral. Your face will look more natural, open and Youthful.

Embrace your skin embrace yourself !!!



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