SS 2014 Hot Makeup Trends

My A-List hotspot makeup trend Bold Lips and no mascara this season…yes baby ..!!    I have no idea what women gonna do without their mascaras and fingers cross only if mascara prices goes down then, we can get some chance to spend a little extra on the clothes.  Anyhow, colourful bold lips makes the summer feel more hot & fresh and lack of spidery mascarred lashes won’t drag attention to those naughty fine lines. 

A little BOLD edge to 90’s grunge look Nicole scherzinger looks rocking with this heavy-duty eyeliner. I think it’s easy to flaunt by teenage girls, looks good in the pictures and in real …….scares the sh*t out of me. However, if you want to shine like a sun and enjoy no winter dark traces… then ditch this style..who cares.. !!!

1950’s makeup staple Pastels gonna rule this season. Pastel blues, greens, pinks, lilacs are on runways, eyes, nails, clothes, bags and skies everywhere.  Looking forward to try Pastel Blues and Lilacs on the eyes paired with Pastel Orange lips.


on y va !