SS2014 Hipster Dads

Straight out of the vogue magzine this season is not about grizzly bears ooops I meant grizzly beards. Unlike 2013 SS 2014 dad is  a trendy hipster dude who has tidied up his messy business and took the stroller on the Oxford street. (let the wify shape up …9 months is a long time being round shaped).bespoken-fw14
While I was thinking about this blog and encountering hipster dads with their babies enjoying a gush of fresh air; in the baby carriers. I opened up a Stylist and they literally stole my thoughts and splurred it out before I even pass on my words of wisdom.
Long been due….. dad’s have finally realised that they have to step up their game and not only take part in looking after the babies but also look cool at the same time. So, before they walk out of the doors this check list has been fulfilled:-
    Face & body creams…. done 
  RI shirt
 TopMan chinos
 Levis ankle boots
  Timberland jacket
 AJ belt
   MK  wrist watch
   River Island beanie
 RI backpack…..of course … Ipad and diapers must be carried  
 Apple Ipad
                                let’s save the baby dudette for next blog….
                                               à bientôt mes amis !!
 photo 1Image

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