How do I fix my dark eyebrows

Have I applied foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick ??? NO and I don’t really bother about any of those on the daily basis except, fixing my eyebrows because I really think a good pair of eyebrows frame a face pretty well so, why not give it a shot and try the products which I have used or better using the ones that you already have.


I have just filmed a tutorial using these products and here we go with the name game on my blog.

SPOOLY to brush off the excessive foundation and clearly see the sparsed areas …since I have chicken pox hair free spots in my eybrows.. I should know exactly what needs to be fixed.

MAYBELLINE GEL EYELINER I use pretty dried up gel eyeliner so it doesn’t budge at all. I use an ANGLED BRUSH  to apply gel eyeliner and start from the bottom of the eyebrows. Apply it to the 2/3rd of the outer eyebrows. On the arch I do not create a line instead of that, I like to do small strokes downwards. In the end all the gaps get closed and gives me a fairly natural appearance. The edges are always clean & crisp.  

BAREMINERALS MATTE EYESHADOW – Since I bought mine few years ago and everything is rubbed off but I’m pretty sure it’s JAVA deep coffee bean colour(it’s a brown colour with grey undertones). I apply this eyeshadow in the front of the eyebrows to give them a soft appeal.  First draw a fine line at the bottom of the eyebrows then, stroke upwards and brush off all the excessive powder. (you can use any available brown eyeshadow).

MUA CLEAR MASCARA  run through a clear mascara to brush off all the exessive powder and gel eyeliner and it will fix the eyebrows in one place. My fav. inexpensive item of all times. lol

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If you would like to see a tutorial then please, click on this link below:-


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