Kiko Extra Volume Lip gloss


The company claims that it’s,

“A unique and revolutionary product that visibly increases the volume and moisture of your lips, with tested action that lasts over time.”

I don’t buy the revolutionary lip plumping bit plus everything moist & glossy will automatically moisturize your lips. So, why should you buy it? Kiko is more like drug store brand but with better quality products, upscale packaging, value for money & omg their sales are aaah just amazballs. The retail price for these glosses are £6.90 but I got mine for £3…. not even kidding.

I’m really pleased with the lovely quality at so affordable price. The texture is more of a thick and gloopy consistency which means the wear-off time is not too soon. Offering 21 shades is no joke but what disappointed me was; in store only 8 were displayed. Anyhow, I bought 2 of them and OMG I’m really loving them.

Shade No.13 Pearly Peony Pink

is a sheer textured raspberry pink with very fine shimmer. It’s a good everyday shade.


Shade No. 20 Pearly Mauve

it’s a browny mauve colour with silver glitter specs in it. To me it’s more of a night out gloss because of the prominent silver glitter. This gloss is more gloopy and opaque compared to the no. 13.


Like any other makeup addict I like to mix up the colours so,

Mix it up & Jazz it up

it will get you a gorgeous mauvy raspberry colour.


I totally recommend kiko lipglosses and you must get your hands on them before sale finishes.

NB: Kiko only name their products on the website and in store you will only find the serial numbers so, don’t get annoyed. I already am ! 



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