Cargo One Base Concealer+Foundation Review

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I think everyone can be easily blown away by this idea of concealer & foundation together in a handy dandy compact tube. If there is anything above over-excitement that happened to me and I bought 2 of them.

Sleek, portable, easy for emergency touch-ups, doe-foot applicator and then all the good bits finish here. (a sensible person will point out the unhygienic part of the doe-foot applicator…thank you very much… I don’t need it right now).

Let’s talk about the product inside. I have simply no words except; what rubbish. If you have extra money in your pocket to spend on this product. Please through it away in the street and one needy might spend it well. This product doesn’t cover, leaves skin feeling dry and patchy, it’s annoying that there is whatsoever, no coverage. If you want to cover hardly noticeable dark circles this concealer/foundation will do it’s magic and enhance them. It is a creamy product but once you blend it. It will sit in the fine lines and enhance the unevenness of your skin. Really, who wants it ?

I’m not even concerned about the colour range but what you pay for the poor quality & 6 months expiry deadline the price is    extortionate; trust me you can do without it, (happily).


I love Cargo Eyeshadows but this product is a total failure for me. If this product hasn’t worked for me. It doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. So, no hard feelings.

I’m just on the verge of killing myself with the purchase of 2 tubes.


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I am still alive.




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