cargo eyebase review

If you complaint about fading eye shadows then, you must realise that it’s about time to invest in a good eye shadow base or primer. I don’t have very oily lids but still I feel like eye shadows and eyeliner is slipping and sometimes the colours don’t show up very vibrant as they should.

So, I came across Cargo Eyebase and my sudden reaction like any other makeup junkie was … I really need it in my life !

Made with Repix (


COLOUR: I bought it in colour 01 which is lightest one in the range but trust me it is dark enough to cover any discolouration & colourful veins on your eyelids. It’s a peachy salmon colour, perfect to   cover any darkness.

PACKAGING: I really like the pen like packaging which is always handy to carry. There is a twister at the bottom which you twist and then the product comes up in the bristles.

APPLICATION: One can directly apply it on the eyelids but I like to pop it on my hand and then apply it with my fingers.

EYEBASE CONSISTENCY: It has thick consistency and you must   apply it fairly quickly because it gets dry quickly and once it’s dry it gets set. So, fast & furious actions required.

APPEARANCE: It doesn’t feel tacky at all and eyeshadows go over it very nicely. I only use it on top of my eyelids to lock the eyeshadows and it also makes them look vibrant.

I want to ensure you that there won’t be any eyeshade slipping or fading problem once you have it underneath and then you need oil based eyeshadow remover to remove it later. I used my regular    Simple Eye Makeup Remover and I’m telling you guys the makeup wasn’t coming off.


I had to use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup.

This product is hard core.



I totally recommend it to a friend. Moreover, I feel that ladies over 40 must use an eyebase or a primer under their eye-shadows because for some unknown reason eyeshadows fade on them fairly quickly. So, all in all it’s an amazing thing to have in your makeup bag.

à bientôt

If you would like to see a tutorial on this look then click below:-





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