Camden Town Vlog


I have been going to this place for God knows how many years and  O boy have I got bored until now ? …. not at all.

Camden Town is situated in the NorthWest of London and it has a cluster of markets. You need more than a day to spend here or specifically plan your trip and go where you want to be. Camden Town consists of

Innverness Street Market

Stables Market

Camden Lock Village

Camden Market – Camden Lock

Camden Market – Buck Street

6351963-Camden_Lock_LondonHorse-head456maxresdefaultFood stalls at Camden Market.11941028-london-9-decembre-2011--fast-food-in-the-street-in-the-famous-market-of-camden-town-in-london-full-o

In this short video we have only covered Stables Market and a little touch of food markets. What I like about this place is it’s so vibrant, diverse & exuberant.

Talking about diversity there is no shortage of Mexican, English, Moroccan, Thai, Chinese etc etc etc… foods… AKA Street Food Heaven.

If you don’t enjoy walking then you will be overwhelmed by the enormity of this place. In this situation I can only recommend you….. specially you LAZY person… sitting down on your computer and reading this blog….. There is only one option for you STAY AT HOME 

or somebody with little energy come with your Roller-Bladesonly if you can manage to roll on uneven brick layered streets.

If you are looking for sthg NEW or VINTAGE…… Camden Town It is!

Don’t Forget to Watch the Video

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