Waitrose Free Cup of Coffee

Last month, I had been introduced to Waitrose free cup of coffee. A bit sceptical in the beginning since, I never get any; discounts, never won anything in the schemes and never hoarded any store cards, loyalty cards and never registered for any nectar-point myths…in my opinion that’s all junk. But this offer is surprisingly ON once you register your Waitrose Card. I registered mine online and boom printed out my Waitrose card that’s all it takes. In the mean time, the handy dandy credit card shaped Waitrose card arrived in the post. (I think I have misplaced it now…such a smileyvault-cute-big-smiley-static-042lost child.)


Trust me this offer is not only limited to Tea or White coffee.  All that Italian café jazz latte, matte, tattee, cappuccino, puccuccino, zuccuccino, English Tea & herbal teas are being offered in the Waitrose cafés.

This marketing campaign is no doubt effective in retaining loyal customers but more so, getting new clientele into the doors but hang on a second…… WAITROSE has just offended it’s middle-class clients who are complaining that it’s stores are being invaded by less well-off shoppers. GuySmiley-2009En Plus,a big percentage of them have no intention to shop for anything. (this bit only Waitrose can verify by it’s financial statistics that this offer has gained them profitability or liability… ) But so far in my local Waitrose I haven’t seen any Free-Coffee grabber without a Waitrose shopping bag.  clipart-thumbs-up-happy-smiley-emoticon-512x512-8595

I think this offer can be really handy for students who are always on a tight budget and everybody needs a hot tea or coffee with their lunch so, why not step into Waitrose !!!


I used to shop in local Tesco & Sainsbury but not so often now.

Cheers Waitrose !!

Good things only happen in London … I mean UK really.









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