eat healthy breakfast



Before getting to sleep asked mother,”what are you gonna make for breakfast tomorrow.”

Mum: Why have you asked?

Me: So, I can sleep peacefully!
Mum: Don’t ask me I’m just coming from the kitchen after cleaning dinner dishes. Don’t make me lose my temper…. I will bring them all here and break them on your head.

Me: I just asked you a little question. I was thinking we should eat healthy.
Mum: Then, you can have tea & rusk in your healthy breakfast!
Me: But our first meal of the day should be healthy, you know!
Mum: Then eat Tea, Rusk and Banana!

Grand Mother(to her daughter): why are you being so hard on the child? why can’t you  wake up early cook Chanay, Halwa and bake some naan breads or fry puris, prepare some sweet lassi ?  It’s not all that difficult. We have done it all!

Mum: If she eats that much how she is gonna lose weight ?
Me: Mum I’m planning full proof weight loss strategy but I will start from day after tomorrow.

Next morning,

Me: ate whole heartedly chanay, halwa, puri, lassi and little naan bread…. followed by Tea, Rusk and Banana.
one must eat HEALTHY

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