sue devitt eye intensifier pencils review & swatches


Sue Devitt is an International renown makeup artist who has developed her luxury beauty line with ingredients beneficial for the skin and she gets her inspiration for colours, names and formulas by travelling all over the world which completely reflects into the products she offers.

Sue Devitte Eye Intensifier Pencils are by far, my favourite eye crayons. There formula is creamy, super bendable, stays put and comes off nicely unlike Collection work the shadow pencils (let’s keep that review for different time but honestly collection pencils can be skin damaging with their semi-permanent feature.)

Please don’t get shocked by looking at my well-loved Sue Devitt eye pencils’ pictures. I really really like them.  The thickness and length of the pencil is same as the size of NYX jumbo eye pencil which means you are required to own a bigger sharpener. (Yes I got the one in the picture above and it’s adorable).

Can I compare them to NYX jumbo pencils ? I only own MILK Jumbo Pencil by NYX and the formula of Milk Jumbo pencil is entirely different; it’s very thick & more like a base or concealer consistency. But then, I do not own different colours which can be light in texture depending on their formulae.



Tanzania is a dark brown colour with burgundy & golden shimmery undertones. In the middle of the brown colour there exist a black colour which strangely blends in so well and even if not, applied in the correct position you can get eyeliner and colour done; all in one swipe.surprised-smiley

Epernay is a beautiful highlighter with shimmery champagne colour. I like to apply it under my eyebrows to accentuate the shape. Also on the top to give defined edge to the brow. It works fabulously fabulous. Trust me nothing so subtle and impactful seen so far. Genius. (I tried to work it on the cheeks but no luck there…Mad_Emoticon

Bangalore is a beautiful green colour with golden undertones applied it on myself, sisters and mother everybody loved it. Super blend able and creamy texture. Double thumbs up on its out of the box name!

Kalahari it’s texture is not as creamy as the other guys but still I prefer Kalahari on the other eye pencil’s because it’s matte. You cannot find anything matte in this formula and I like to apply this on the eyelid, blend it, apply some more to cover patchiness then top it up with a grey colour eyeshadow and trust me you will get the best grey smokey eyes effect. (I have a makeup tutorial using this one just click on this)!





excuse the picture

Excuse the picture….. I was trying to click it right. I know everybody is creating this sponge tip applicator on the other end of the crayons But it looks ridiculous and bonus; it’s completely unnecessary. I personally do not recommend using it because it absorbs all the colour. What’s its use … I’m confused?

Lastly, The packing does look dated… needs some improvement there but, I guess everybody to it’s own.

NB: Sue Devitt products are not available in superdrug and boots. Until the beginning of this year they were available in Harvey Nichols but packed up now.

PS.. Good news: Try to get your hands on their products in TKMAXX. I really recommend these pencils and lip liner.

OMG Hot Hot Hot!