How to cover imperfections…. Perfectly !

Hi Guys

So, here I am with my favourite subject how to conceal blemishes, discolouration, dark acne spots and all that jazz which is dragging my confidence down. It needs to be fixed and ofcourse we can fix it!

Before you go and buy any concealer you need to find out what needs to be concealed first you may have just 1 thing to hide or may be more. Nothing to worry at all. Because I have found this petite concealer/corrector palette which is magic in a box. Made with bees wax and it doesn’t break out the crap on the face. I highly recommend it ! Click on the link and it will take you to PAMS website

Shaunna Harrison’s Concealer/Corrector

So, first thing first

Opossite colours on the colour wheel counteract each other so,


Green     corrects  Red Blemishes
Peach     corrects  Purplish/Bluish under eye circles
Lilac         corrects  Green moustache/ Yellow spots
Red          conceals  Dark brown spots
Orange  conceals  Medium brown spots

I have covered everything in detail in this video linked below but excuse me for the pictures. I forgot to take any…. eeesh

Except these 2

This is the picture of my mother who has kindly offered me to be part of my video and I have covered dark brown spots, acne etc for her……. if you would like to find out how… then click on the video below:-


Be good and be safe !!