how I EVALUATED myself against Surat Alam Nashrah

Surah Alam Nashrah is what I read the most when I hit rock bottom in my life. I can say I was depressed and numb complaining. I was complaining from  Allah, I was complaining from people. I was blaming others and I was blaming Allah; for every single pain I suffered but in truth…. it was my Trial from Allah.

My self construed excuse was that,  Hundreds and thousands of people are killing each other I haven’t done any of it. I am not even a cm. close to what they are doing so, it’s NOT Fair with me and I don’t deserve it…. then,

Why me ????

Why my life is not as normal as other people ???

Why I have been chosen for this pain ???

Why should I suffer ????

I questioned my own existence. I questioned if there is anyone. I questioned whose gonna reply. Every single thing in between the sky and the earth I questioned. And I was left clue-less. But then trust me every complaint comes to an end…..though that end doesn’t come so easy and not so soon. This is what Trial is all about.

In the meantime, I was praying but lacking confidence in my duas.  There was No Reply from my Lord and I was left devastated. And then, I came across Surat Alam Nashrah,


Every morning after leaving my house I used to recite it 7 times. Ayats 5 & 6 were the most clear to me. It says, “After every difficulty there is an ease. For sure after every difficulty there is an ease.”

So I was trying to keep my faith strong that if Allah s.w.t has said something twice then, there is an ease for me. But then, like any other weak person after reciting for few months I came to the conclusion that this Surah is not working for me. I am still in the problem; nothing has changed and no help came from Allah.

Now I wasn’t reciting it 7 times every morning but more like …. once every now and then, by keeping it as my last resort.

Anyhow, I learnt this surah by heart along with the meaning. Trust me every time I explained myself the meaning a brand new angle was disclosed. It’s meaning really came from different mental states and reflection on what went wrong and why.

One day I sat down and scanned the surah verse by verse and evaluated myself against the Holy verses of Quran.

Physically : nothing major happened except losing a little weight which is usual when you are under stress. (btw I have put that on again).

Mental : major change………………….

  1. The worldly desires which were draining me and dragging me along for months and may be years. I off-loaded those worldly desires and felt pretty light. So, That Weight was lifted Off my shoulders. Phew!

Next, my mentor asked me to pray for the people you hate the most. Holy Cow don’t ever go there before I blow my head. I’m not doing it… Full Stop.  But my mentor was keep jabbing me with it …. Pray for the ones you don’t like, they need your prayers. My reply was, “But they are happy and content with their lives. They don’t need anything… REALLY” !!

Slowly for surely, I started praying for the ones which I don’t even want to think about. Now they are in my prayers GOOD STUFF. The last thing on the earth I want to do. So what I gained out of it?

When I started to pray for others, in the beginning it was very hard clearly impossible but then I was getting used to the idea. After few weeks I started to forgive them by praying for their good. I ended up not only forgiving them but also, I forgave myself; strange it may sound but I was no more jealous of what people have and no more upset with anybody. I prayed for their good and benefit which made me so content with what I have. I rediscovered myself. Eventually, I stopped complaining & blaming every single atom in this Universe.

3. So clearly it was an ease for me from Allah.

Sometimes we demand ease from Allah but result may not be the one what we want. The result is always what He wants for us. We want to go by our expectations and our plans. When unfulfilled…O boy… we not only make our life as Hell but so as others.


4.  All these months I have been reading and reuniting with my Lord so, How can I forget that I strived for knowledge and knowledge placed me with the ones He wanted me to be with.

In the end, all that hardship I suffered I ended up rediscovering myself…. a soul…. way better than before.

Do I complaint right now….Not at All.

Am I at Ease right now…… Definitely Yes, Stress Free Life is Absolutely a Gift from Allah.

And the journey continues for me………. from Better to Best.

I definitely praise my Lord for whatever I have. May I & You be placed with the ones who received His special blessings & I seek refuge in my Lord. The Most Kind & The Most Merciful.