Collective: Makeup/Skincare haul + Share your IMATS London experience with me

Happy New Year

I am all set to start my new year ……of course few days gone into 2015 and I should at least show that much enthusiasm.  I wish you all the very best and a very prosperous new year. Insha’Allah it’s gonna be full of good luck for all of us.

I wanted to begin my year by sharing a makeup tutorial but somehow it didn’t happen and things got accumulated and lead me to share makeup and skincare collective haul. One thing I asked you guys at the end of the video is, “Have you been to IMATS London (for link click here) if yes, Then please share your experience with me”. I really wanna go IMATS 2015.

It’s a long video and I hope you bear with me. All the products are mentioned in the video and the links are available in the description box under the youtube video.

So, the video is linked below what are you waiting for… just grap a cup of hot chocolate and let’s chillllaxxxx….