Drugstore eyebrows on fleek rimmel brow mascara gels, pencil & etc | Zara Pervaiz-Dar

DSC07911Good set of eye brows are not a dream of the past anymore. There are thousands and thousands of products available on the market .
You just have to figure out the ones which works for you without offending your face and your pocket. From the past three months I have been using rimmel brow products i.e rimmel mascara gels in brown and blonde and also rimmel brow pencil in dark brown as my holy-grail products. For my makeup videos where I want a more neat, clear and striking set of brows I go a step forward and after applying gels and pencil and tidy up the tail and the bridge of the brows with dark brown and black eyeshadows with the help of an angled brush I draw small hair strokes mainly from the bridge to the end of my brows which looks amazing and holds up well against flash photography. I couldn’t be more happier as these products are budget friendly, easy to buy and most importantly look fab.

Products used :-
Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown
Rimmel eyebrow mascara gel in medium dark
Rimmel eyebrow mascara gel in blonde
Inglot dark brown eyeshadow
Kiko black eyeshadow
NYX wonder pencil in light

You can use any matte dark brown and black eyeshadow from your collection or buy it from drug store it’s just gonna work as good as these ones I have used. Considering there is no shimmer and no shine in the eyeshadows. They should be completely matte.
First I like to draw top and bottom line on my brows to conceal any gaps. Then run a dark brown mascara to hide any chicken pox and bald patches through out my brows. It also  makes my eyebrows look full and blends any harsh pencil lines. I really like the formula of these mascara gels. It has thicker consistency and no shine and no glitter in it unlike other brow gels in the drug stores.
Then, I apply blonde brow mascara on the front portion of my brows . Before applying the mascara always take-off excess of the product on the tube to avoid any blob on your eyebrows or skin.
Tip: if you have a tattooed black brows GONE WRONG, use a blonde mascara in your brow hair and brush off the excessive product it will tone down the colour of your tattoo .
Pencil and mascara gels are done !!! …. then I first run dark brown eyeshadow from the arch to the end then, black colour in the end-tip of the brows only.
This way I have blonde, brown and black gradient in the brows from beginning to end and not to make it too obvious just run a spooly brush and all the excessive products will be brushed off giving more naturally-made up brows Smiling face with open mouth and tightly closed eyesSmiling face with open mouth and tightly closed eyesSmiling face with open mouth and tightly closed eyes Honestly after all this …..natural is the word with more polished ends 🤓.

Since I have used a lot of products tiny gel spots or pencil marks will be left on my skin so I use NYX wonder pencil in the shade light all around the eyebrows and blend it with my finger. The warmth of the fingers blend out the concealer or this pencil very nicely and the product just melts into the skin. Your eyebrows will look more striking. Do you want me to convince you more then check these photos out.
Let me know your fav. brow product. I wanna know yours too !!

PS: These mascara gels have quite big wand similar to any eyelash mascara wand so if you have very thin brows it will be very tricky to apply.