DSC07925DSC07922DSC07921Kiko long lasting eyeshadow sticks are my fav. Base shadows and If you think it’s something more like maybelline tattoo then, no my friend I’m talking good quality. Maybelline ones dry in the pot and on the lid drag a lot and you feel heavy lids.

The application of kiko long lasting is very easy, it’s better to blend with fingers to keep the high shine. It will allow you a moment or 2 to set . The first application looses a little bit of colour as you move around the product to even it out. But second layer will make it opaque and impressive. You need them in your life. Kiko always has sale so you might be lucky.

they have good shade range but I’ve only got 6 shades. My top 2s are 5 and 10. Then I use black a lot in my videos as base shadow…. It’s not vaavaa boom but it’s good base stick. If you apply any powder eyeshadow it looks even and powder shadow neither crumbles or flakes off. Then I like 31 it’s iris blue on their website… It’s very unique colour and you need 2 layers to make it opaque .

I always like to buy grey shadow but somehow it doesn’t look great on me. May be it’s too dark otherwise nothing bad to say , I’m wearing this in the photos on my lid and I have Plummy  eye- shade on top.

Then the last one which I would never recommend to anybody not even my enemies, is this no.34  pink colour. It’s goes so patchy on the lid and 2 layers make it even worse. You get dry patchy and scaly lids, I’m sure nobody wants them. I applied it on my inner corners in these photos but no miracle happened and I had to go over with glitter to conceal the blunders. But but but it looks damn great on the cheeks ….. I love applying it on the cheeks, it blends like a butter and goes so smoothly I don’t know why this discrimination between cheeks and eye lids. But it really looks fab on my cheeks and having said its long lasting ; considerably 13hrs+ power to stay.  Do you have any colour you want to recommend?

I have created different eye make looks with these6 colours check out my YouTube channel zarapervaiz-Dar. And enjoy the swatches on lips…… CRAZY indeed….

DSC07941 DSC07945 DSC07947 DSC07952 DSC07956 DSC07959