Max factor Nude Rose Palette swatches and review

Hi guys today I am so excited to share this post for you. The reason being I do not own urban decay naked 3 palette and this max factor eyeshadow palette nude rose is exactly on the same lines. If you want to see it in action check out my YouTube channel. I am super impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows.image image

Now let’s dig into the swatches. These eyeshadows are very powder which means I will do my eye makeup first, clean any fall out from my under eye area and then apply my foundation.image

Eyeshadow details from left to right.

1- basic pale white eyeshadow is actually the disappointing one. I used it all over the eyelid but it doesn’t give any colour with the brush swipe.

2- frosty baby pink; I use this eyeshadow for highlighting purposes because of its frosted finish. It gives the proper glare. I use it under my eyebrows and in the inner tearduct area. Perfect for a frosty glare.

3. Light tea rose colour. I used it in the crease as a transition shade. It’s not too intense so it’s perfect to blend with other colours.


4. Shimmery pink colour, it’s divine it’s smooth, it’s pigmented and it’s my fav. Eye lid colour.

5. Tea rose colour, believe it or not it’s my fav. colour from the palette. It’s great crease colour , it’s pigmented blends beautifully but very powdery out of all. When I looked at this colour it reminds me of makeup geek carnival eyeshadow.image

6. Satin plummy eyeshadow, this is also a very beautiful lid colour if you are going for a smokey eye makeup look.

7. Greyish plum eyeshadow , I also used this colour to define my outer crease, it has a satin finish and for some reason satin finishes give very youthful effect if applied correctly.

8. Shimmery purple eyeshadow the last but not the least on the palette is this this beautiful shimmery purple with a lot of black depth to it. You can use it to create so many looks. On the lid or outer-V, I used this colour to blend out my eyeliner for a little sparkly smokey eyeliner look. It looked fab.

On the whole I really love this palette instead of the fact that few colours are powdery but it’s not chalky. The first left eyeshadow in the pan is not here nor there but the rest of the eyeshadow selection is Super.

Thank you & adios !

This entire eye makeup created with this palette.