How to whiten your Teeth + STOP bleeding GUMS NATURALLY


Good morning you beautiful people
Today I am with you with a very informative subject. Some of you may have heard about this technique some of you may wont. Fear not I am hear to help you out. So let me take you through to what is this oil pulling technique.

For this technique I use extra virgin coconut oil. It’s really affordable and easily accessible I got mine from asda and it was around £5-£6.

There are huge benefits of coconut oil which we will keep for another time but. Right now let’s get on with sot (save our teeth) or sog (save our gums)
My gums are always bleeding even if I eat or don’t eat. It’s not a joke it’s a story of my life. But I never thought it was a problem. Until one day I was eating a lot of fruits and at my every bite I had blood on apples , pears , melons. And I felt very gross about it and then I decided (listen girl it’s a problem and you need to sort this out. Furthermore during Ramadan (fasting ) month my gum bleeding gets even worse. Even if I am not eating ..yes….. Sad times. And it becomes very difficult to keep up with gargling with cold water. Fearing I might drink it. Swallow my blood and become a vampire. Of course not!!

Anyhow, recently I found this coconut oil pulling technique and it has changed my tragic situation

What I do is in the morning , take 1 tea spoon of coconut oil. And chew it for 20 mins. 20 mins may seem long. But taking shower getting dressed brushing my hair and you have chewed on coconut oil for good 25 mins.
Ok so regurgitating like a cow or swishing the oil in your mouth. It actually penetrates oil in your gums and then it works its magic. After that spit it out and rinse your teeth with water.

I like to brush my teeth before this. Because after I’m ready I have no time to brush my teeth. So I brush my teeth as usual with brush and tooth paste then regurgitate with coconut oil for good 15-20 mins and then rinse it. I don’t feel oily or sticky in my mouth and trust me it feels fresh and bonus point is coconut oil is a good teeth whitening substance or it’s a good mouth freshener.
So it’s a complete win/win situation.


Coconut oil has helped my gums now I have no bleeding so I have no worries during the fasting month or ever at all.
And my teeth are much more brighter / pearly white than before.

So, Let me know how it goes when you try it . Good luck my friend.

muchos gracias