Best Drugstore Mask to Cure Acne+Redness+Dehydrated Skin

No.7 Beautiful Skin
Pore Vacuum Mask

Acne prone, dry, dehydrated n inflamed skin you need to try this miracle mask from drug store. It has very long name  No.7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask. It’s priced at £14 for small diddy 50 ml, available at Boots.
I always get it on 3 for 2 offer so it works out £9 sthg which is amazing value for money what you pay for the quality product. It’s pretty small tube so you might want to apply to targeted areas but for me when my cheeks are inflammed with spots and T-zone absolutely flakey then I smooth over (a thick layer) on my entire face.

It’s suggested to leave it on for good 15 mins but trust me I have slept into this mask so many times (of course when it’s not tacky but get dry so I don’t mush it on my pillow) and the next morning my skin is absolutely quenched, feels hydrated. The spots gets so small and dinky most of the time disappear and all the redness disappears. I always have a backup of this product and I love it so much.

You must try it!!!!