THE ORDINARY Skincare Range Review 2016

I don’t want to finish this review before I start it. But I cannot contain it to mysefto the fact that this range is amazing I have so far tried and used 5 skin care items from the ORDINARY range and 1 beauty relative. So let’s get on with it.

I placed an order on Victoria Health shop (link here) and the within 2-3 days I got my delivery which of course I was really happy about I started using the products in the of October and today in December it’s been over 2 months I have dig into them and pretty much finished 2 of the things. Let’s start what I got and what I loved.

  1. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc PCA 1% (link here) like all the products in this range are gel like consistency and 30 ml in a clean glass bottle. I used it for my congested skin day and night as a main serum before applying my moisturiser. It has helped to calm my red inflamed skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and red marks left behind by the acne. Too many claims and too little to believe but I absolutely love this item. It has help to decongest my skin and even though I use foundation every day but no clogged pores and no black heads. That is a lot to appreciate in one product. For £5 I am so happy with this 30ml bottle. money well spent.

    2. Buffet (link here) It is such a sweet product, full of peptide complex and vitamins. I use it daily in the morning and evening before applying my moisturiser. This absorbs quickly into the skin and when you apply your moisturizer on the top your skin will look very hydrated. My belief in this product runs on the long run and I think if you feed your skin with 100’s of vitamins you are paving a strong anti-ageing skin with less traces of ageing. I love this product and I think this is one their very well sought after skin care product. Everybody raves about it. I think you can use any drug store or inexpensive moisturiser and apply this serum before applying the moisturiser and definitely you are injecting your skin with great moisture for the day.

    3. 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil (link here) I have used so many different Rosehip seed oil and I have been pretty content with this . his particular one is slightly working for my dry skin in winter as the thick oil gets soaked up in my skin in seconds. I also used this oil before applying my Milani foundation and it not only gives me dewy skin but gains me a lot of compliments on my luminous skin. Really love it.

    4. Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% (link here) you cannot get silly with this product otherwise it will sting you burn you and make your skin sensitive ONLY if you mix it into Niacinamide 10% + Zinc PCA 1%. Holy crap I nearly burnt my skin this is highly concentrated product so be careful. Don’t mix them up and you are saving yourself. I use this product ONCE or TWICE a week because it’s very potent and if used a lot it make my skin sensitive. SO twice a week is just fine. This product is very different to other serums in this range. It is more like a GAVISCON fluid with very fine sandy grains to it. It smells very chemical like and when you apply it on your face please ensue to apply an hour before going to bed. Otherwise you will smear all over your pillow and it feels very stick and sandy on the face. But next morning your skin will be baby butt smooth. I am really looking forward to use this product regularly.

    5. High Adherence Silicone Primer (link here) though the name makes me smile and I am like what.  At you serious HIGH ADHERENCE but it is no joke. It’s a silicone primer which has cream like flowy texture. It’s very simple and faff free product. It gives what exactly it says on the tin. The foundation last longer and looks smoother on the skin. It gives very matte finish so, if you are after that then at £3.90 you cannot go wrong. All my items I got in 3 days apart from this primer which after placing an order cam in the post after 2 months after when I was going to review my serums. I really like it and I think the matte finish will be very handy in summer.

    So that’s all my breakdown on the skin care and beauty product I have used so far. I absolutely love this range and I am about to place another order. If you have used any item and love it. then please let me know. I will put it on my order as well.

    CHEERS !