Dear O Dear O’Dear I have never came across ridiculous amount of rage so far in my social media life except MILANI Conceal + Perfect foundation made it through.


My hopes were extremely high and I was expecting a break through product. I watched so many reviews on YouTube and the funny thing was oily skin people said that it’s good for dry skin type and dry skin people said it’s good for oily to combination skin types. Right….good stuff. Now, I am more confused and I need to buy it to try it. So I got my hands on this ridiculously hyped up product. I bought mine from Beauty base in Westfield shepherd’s bush.

They have good variety of colours as far as I remember about 8-10 don’t quote me on it. May be they have more colours. I am just relying on my bad memory. But it was definitely £10.99 and to be honest a lot of kids were hovering on this foundation range so, it shows how pocket friendly it is and how many are aware of it. I bought the lightest one in the range and it’s called CREAMY VANILLA . I picked up this shade because its so difficult to buy neutral tone light foundation at drug store price. At drug store the light foundations are either very light and pasty or very pink or very yellow. Their is nothing like this shade. and I was like let’s go ahead and buy. (for Beauty base web link… click here)

So let’s start with the packaging. It’s a glass bottle but doesn’t feel flimsy to be honest I dropped mine and no cracks so yeee-haw for that. The pump is freaking gorgeous and the number one reason I like to use it in the morning.

When I am in a rush I can really control the pump to dispense little or more unlike EX1 Invisiwear foundation. where the foundation is amazing but the pump sucks and couple of times I was wearing WHITE top and it blistered all over my white top(can you imagine that how it feels like in the morning). So either I am late or early I never pick up Invisiwear foundation. NO matter how much I trust the formula of the foundation but Bottle and PUMP does matter.

Back to the good packaging and good colour range of Milani conceal+ perfect foundation. I think the name claims more than what the foundation is to offer. I have a lot of redness on my face and if you suffer from eczema and flustered skin you have to know that this is not full coverage I will say it’s more like light-medium coverage foundation. I will not use it to conceal my spots because this foundation clings to the flaky skin and makes it more dry. So on that note I understand why dry Skin people said it’s meant for oily or combination skin. On the foundation bottle it does not mention that which skin type it is catered for …… hmmmm big question ??


Having said that this foundation is not meant for dry skin but I think this foundation is really versatile. If you have dry skin like me…. then I like to kick start my foundation base with The Ordinay Rose hip oil (click here) and then I apply Cetaphil moisturizer. Then wait for 2 minutes to let the moistures sink into my skin. Then I apply this foundation with the help of Real Techniques beauty sponge et Voila! I really like the light and luminous look of this foundation fr everyday use.


I like to use silicon based primer and the one offered by THE ORDINARY range (link here) makes this foundation very silky and matte. You don’t have to blot or powder your face too much. How about that then ?


I have never been a fan of too much foundation or too many layers and since I suffer from Eczema too many layers really cake up. So one layer is good enough for me otherwise it looks like I have unblended pile of foundation sitting on my face and I am sure nobody wants it. So on that note I wont call it medium to full good coverage foundation. In my books I like to use it as light coverage foundation with very thin layer.

This is very long wearing formula and I have used it for 24 hours and it stayed put and even more so, did not break me out. I am not asking anything more. I hope you try it and love it as much as I do.