The Real Soap brow + you need sthg EXTRA ! Zara Pervaiz-DAR

Hi girls and guns today I wanted to share my tried & tested soap brow tutorial. It’s super easy and simple all you need is 2 products to groom and shape your unruly eyebrows.

This soapy water and and my next brow product works wonders in humid temperatures , windy weather, storms and even when my beanie goes over my eyebrows. My brows don’t budge don’t move and doesn’t not fade sways. So here is my secret tips and demos for you:-

I like to use pears soap let’s just say it’s the best it holds the hair and doesn’t leave white residue behind. And then the second product which I found is the best to use with it. Is NYX brow gel, it comes in a squeeze tube and it’s very travel friendly and most importantly it doesn’t dries down like the pots and the pomaded. I like to use Espresso colour for me dark hair. This colour is always out of stock I got mine from Boots near to Bond Street station, the one which is next to Ben’s cookies (tell me about it they are so good) . Anyhow let’s start













Take some water on the soap and squish your spooly brush into it, sturdy and small spooly brush is always the best choice. Once it gets dampen into soapy water, run it into your eyebrows. Keep the front part of the eyebrows up right and the other half tilted upward.

If you want apply a lot of soapy water mixture but not more than it starts dropping on your face. Trust me little amount of it has good holding power.

After you apply it let it set and let it dry for 2 minutes. DONT TOUCH your eyebrows for two minutes at least.

Afte that pick up your NYX gel brow and eyeliner brush. Just dip the head bristles of the brush into the gel that’s more than enough for you. Now go ahead and fill in the gaps. By this time your hair are standing like a bush and you can clearly see any bold patches or gaps. I have bold arches of my eyebrows so I like to draw some hair strokes there and Then at the bottom of my front eyebrows I have sparse areas. I apply some small dots. Let it sit for 2 seconds and then use the same spooly brush and run it through your eyebrows. The spooly will strike the dots and make them look like hair strands.

If you cannot draw hair strands. Just do the dots and run spooly that’s what you need to draw hair follicles. Looking nice and pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for more information watch me in the video how to do it.