The Real Soap brow + you need sthg EXTRA ! Zara Pervaiz-DAR

Hi girls and guns today I wanted to share my tried & tested soap brow tutorial. It’s super easy and simple all you need is 2 products to groom and shape your unruly eyebrows.

This soapy water and and my next brow product works wonders in humid temperatures , windy weather, storms and even when my beanie goes over my eyebrows. My brows don’t budge don’t move and doesn’t not fade sways. So here is my secret tips and demos for you:-

I like to use pears soap let’s just say it’s the best it holds the hair and doesn’t leave white residue behind. And then the second product which I found is the best to use with it. Is NYX brow gel, it comes in a squeeze tube and it’s very travel friendly and most importantly it doesn’t dries down like the pots and the pomaded. I like to use Espresso colour for me dark hair. This colour is always out of stock I got mine from Boots near to Bond Street station, the one which is next to Ben’s cookies (tell me about it they are so good) . Anyhow let’s start













Take some water on the soap and squish your spooly brush into it, sturdy and small spooly brush is always the best choice. Once it gets dampen into soapy water, run it into your eyebrows. Keep the front part of the eyebrows up right and the other half tilted upward.

If you want apply a lot of soapy water mixture but not more than it starts dropping on your face. Trust me little amount of it has good holding power.

After you apply it let it set and let it dry for 2 minutes. DONT TOUCH your eyebrows for two minutes at least.

Afte that pick up your NYX gel brow and eyeliner brush. Just dip the head bristles of the brush into the gel that’s more than enough for you. Now go ahead and fill in the gaps. By this time your hair are standing like a bush and you can clearly see any bold patches or gaps. I have bold arches of my eyebrows so I like to draw some hair strokes there and Then at the bottom of my front eyebrows I have sparse areas. I apply some small dots. Let it sit for 2 seconds and then use the same spooly brush and run it through your eyebrows. The spooly will strike the dots and make them look like hair strands.

If you cannot draw hair strands. Just do the dots and run spooly that’s what you need to draw hair follicles. Looking nice and pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for more information watch me in the video how to do it.

Avocado Shake Recipe

Avocado shake is very unusual and unheard of and it’s not everybody’s go to shake but I feel like if you try it once, I bet you are going to ask for more.

It has very simple recipe:-


1.5 pint MILK

3 tbs SUGAR 3

some crushed ice if you want

Peel a ripped avocado, chop it, put it in the blender or my fav to use is  NUTRIBULLET. Then add 3 tbs of sugar and add 1.5 pint of milk and some crushed ice Blend it for 2 secs and it will make you 2 hearty glasses of softly sweet thick avocado shake which is not sickly sweet. Try it and enjoy it!!!!


I thought I will throw a big question on my 3 years old Nephew and I asked him, Do you have a new year resolutions ??? (with a big smirk on my face). On getting a reply I felt like an idiot and here he said YES, I have 3 because I am only 3 (I don’t understand why he has reply for everything…. he knows it all) and How can I forgot how much YouTube he watches. I wonder if he has already covered Sex Education chapter on YouTube. He freaking surprises us every time. Anyhow he has 3 new year resolutions and he said,

  • To get more Toys
  • To get more Toys
  • To get more Toys 

At least he is consistent and focused on his 2017 New year resolutions unlike me.



This resolution is so over-rated that it should be ranked on number 1 and number 2 place. Honestly, words like to be in good shape sounds like to be from another galaxy. You have heard about them and you don’t know really. Until film stars like Aamir Khan releases a movie and shatter your reality and come up with 15% body fat compared to yours 50% . People like these are nightmares of my resolutions. But I do believe in Round shape and it’s a good shape.


Wake up at 6:30 am and go to work without breakfast and then here comes the lunch time and nearby cafés only stock good looking cakes, muffins, croissants and coffees and processed burgers and high calorie soups. So what I am gonna do? I am  fucking hungry and I have a soft heart for good looking easy access food. Then come home tired,  sluggish and again eat big portion because you had one big argument with your boss and you served 20 A** w**le clients.  So you better be kind to yourself. So, F***K healthy non-tolerant meal and be kind to yourself at least tonight and tomorrow night and then every night.


I have heard this cliché about million times and it has never been clear to me. Then on Christmas holidays  I watched over 50 videos on how to be organised and even the people were clueless themselves. Which was not f****g helpful. Anyhow, one made little sense and asked to keep a diary. That’s exactly what I always do every January I buy a new diary, I  brainstorm and list video ideas and what to put on my YouTube Channel. Then I loose that dairy within a week or two along with my ideas.  Then 2 of my friends every year give me diaries which I really appreciate. In one diary I list all my spending’s and by the end of march  I get so fed up of writing that shiz, I hide that diary and pretend that I didn’t know that it existed ever. On to diary number 3, I again make some notes about YouTube videos and blog posts and then I cannot find it for few months. By the end of June when I know I had some ideas and I vaguely remember them but it’s all in a halo nothing is coming back and so is the diary. Which after six months I find under my laundry basket. I have no clue what it was doing there!


Do you have any idea in my freaking life how many passwords I have to remember. My personal list goes like this Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, my website, App store, iTunes, PayPal, Skype, Snap chat, Pinternest, bank account, amazon, ebay, Vue Cinema, Cine World, Asos website, Zara’s website, River Island my 3 personal email addresses, Online bank account, telephone banking password and trust me there is more to this list. Then my parents Facebook and email addresses because they don’t remember it.  4 work passwords and 3 my boss personal passwords. I think half of my life is getting wasted typing, recovering, rethinking and retyping the passwords and their secret questions and answers……..grrrrr

5. TO TRAVEL  at all ??? or TO TRAVEL MORE

Ohhhh everybody loves a bit of travelling in this world except one on my 50 years old aunty who after crossing 30 miles from her house start to miss her mother. Do you have any pain killers….. even saying this gives me headache.

Anyhow I will assume all of us love a bit of travelling. but not when you have sent your passport to the Home office and you can never make your travelling plans. because whenever you submit your applications to UK border agency it says in bold letters on the application


because they are right you visa can take from 6 months up to 1.5 years. So I guess next year you won’t have travelling on your resolution list.

And as soon as you get a passport in your hand, your mother gets severely ill and you are going to the hospitals everyday. when she gets better you say PHEW….. I can travel freaking tonight. And then the same night you get a phone call that your dad is gone to the emergency and go after him.

But I guess NEVER say NEVER and BE POSTIVE.

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